Call for Applications: Humanities in the Digital Age Fellowships


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Deadline: 31-Mar-22

The ‘Relevance of the Humanities in the Digital Age’ (DigiHum) fellowship program, proposed jointly by the Centre for Advanced Study Sofia (CAS) and the New Europe College Bucharest and developed with the financial support of the Porticus Foundation, aims to underscore the cognitive functions of the humanities and their potential as critical disciplines by opening them up to issues relevant in/for the contemporary digital world – issues that are “practical”, but also epistemological, ethical, philosophical, etc.

The program is intended to accommodate a broadest range of themes pertaining to humanities and social science disciplines provided that they link up to contemporary debates about or major challenges to the human condition stemming from the technological advances and ‘digital modernity’.

The program is guided by the belief that there is a considerable added value for humanities scholars across the academe, whatever their field, to be encouraged to rethink their topics in terms of their broader contemporary relevance (be it political, ethical, religious or academic), yet necessarily of significance for the world they are living in.

  • CAS Sofia provides in-residence DigiHum fellowships of five- to nine-month duration to post-doctoral non-Bulgarian researchers. Junior as well as Senior scholars are invited to apply.
  • The selected Fellows are entitled to:
    • A monthly stipend of 850 Euro (liable to 10% income tax) to cover living expenses related to the stay in Sofia.
    • Accommodation in Sofia, comprising living quarters and working space. The Fellows will also have free access to the CAS library and electronic resources/databases. Travel, insurance and visa allowance (up to 850 Euro);
    • Research travel abroad (up to 1500 Euro);
    • Research expenses (up to 100 Euro per fellowship month).
Eligibility Criteria

Candidates must:

  • Be non-Bulgarian citizens;
  • Have completed a PhD in the fields of the humanities and the social sciences;
  • Have international research experience (participation in projects and refereed conferences) and publications in peer-reviewed academic editions are strong advantages.
Selection Criteria
  • High quality of the candidate’s academic portfolio and publications, participation in international research;
  • Innovative fundamental research proposal with significant contribution;
  • Interdisciplinary and/or comparative approaches are an advantage.

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