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Deadline: January 25, 2022

Applications are open for the DSM | One Young World Scholarship 2022 to Attend the OYW Summit. As a longstanding partner of One Young World, DSM is proud to offer four impactful young leaders to participate in the One Young World Summit 2022 which takes place in Tokyo from 16 – 19 May.

The DSM | One Young World Scholarship will support young entrepreneurs who are making a local or global impact on agri-food systems in one of three focus areas.

  • Health for the Planet
  • Health for People
  • Healthy Livelihoods

Scholarship Focus Areas

  • Health for the Planet: Through their science-based solutions, partnerships, and advocacy efforts, DSM is helping the food value chain take better care of our planet by producing and consuming more sustainably. ‘Health for Planet’ is one of three focus areas for DSM and the company has made two major commitments in this domain:
    • Enable double-digit on-farm livestock emission reduction by 2030
    • Reaching 150 million people with nutritious, sustainable plant-based protein foods by 2030
  • Health for People: Mass industrialization of food has provided an abundance for many, but not for all. Meanwhile, poor food composition, accessibility to nutritious foods, and changing lifestyles are leading to undernutrition, hidden hunger, and diet-related illnesses such as type 2 diabetes and heart disease. These issues are further compounded by climate change, conflicts, and the COVID-19 pandemic. Good nutrition is essential for good health. ‘Health for People’ is one of three focus areas for DSM and the company has made two major food systems commitments in this domain:
    • ‘Enable to close the micronutrient gap of 800 million vulnerable people by 2030’
    • ‘Supporting the immunity of half a billion people by 2030’
  • Healthy Livelihoods: DSM works with their partners to help farmers and other food workers achieve steady incomes and access essential training and education. ‘Healthy Livelihoods’ is one of three focus areas for DSM and the company has made a major commitment in this domain:
    • ‘Together with their partners, supporting the livelihoods of 500,000 smallholder farmers across value chains by 2030’.


This scholarship is intended for candidates who:

  • Are aged 18 – 30.
  • Reside in Africa, Asia-Pacific or Latin America.
  • Have 3 – 5 years’ experience in an agri-food business, preferably running their food business.
  • Are making a positive impact in one of the three scholarship focus areas.


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For more information, visit DSM | One Young World Scholarship.