Nominations Open for the Sigma Awards


Deadline: 7-Jan-22

Nominations are now open for the Sigma Awards to celebrate the best data journalism from around the world. It’s also here to empower, elevate and enlighten the global community of data journalists.

Prize Details

A US$5,000 cash prize will be split amongst winners. Winners and citations will also get a certificate and speaking opportunities in their events.

What they’ll like to see?
  • Great data collection and analysis in the service of journalism, ideally shining a light on facts and issues of public interest that would otherwise not be known;
  • Great storytelling and engagement with strong visual and interactive elements of (ideally) that kind of reporting;
  • Great public service, either in reporting/analysis of key issues or in terms of empowering communities to discover important information for themselves;
  • Great innovative ideas that will likely move the field forward;
  • Entries must be for work published in calendar year 2021
  • Entries should be submitted via our online form.
  • Applicants can enter as many projects as they want.
  • Entries should specify if they qualify as a large or a small newsroom or as an individual, where applicable. Small newsrooms are defined as those with 35 or fewer journalists (including regular freelancers/contractors), or equivalent (eg, two half-time freelancers count as one person.)
  • Organizations that do not qualify under this definition but who believe they belong in the small newsroom category may petition for an exception by sending a letter
  • Collaborative work should be entered as a large newsroom.
  • Entering organizations grant The Sigma Awards the right to use their material in their entry, including the organization’s name and logo, on The Sigma Awards website and other marketing material around the awards.
  • 2021 has been another special year for all members of the data journalism community, and they expect to receive a large number of entries tackling the COVID-19 pandemic. However, they’d like to specify that all data journalism projects, regardless of their topics, can be entered into the competition.

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