Innovative Event Challenge Now Open


Deadline: 28-Jan-22
Applications are now open for the Innovative Event Challenge to to re-enchant the physical experience through innovation and make a Tech for Good event through sustainable commitments.

Types of Challenges

  • Re-enchant the physical experience and amaze their attendees with immersive experiences.
    • An exploration of the Metaverse. Develop interactive, immersive, or augmented devices in areas such as the following:
      • Metaverse
      • Robotics
      • Hologram
      • Interconnection platforms, two-player stations
      • Art exploration: playful, immersive
      • Gaming, fun, reward experiences
      • Illusion, cognitive experiences
  • Create an event committed to Tech for Good. Help them use sustainable resources with low carbon impact and raise awareness of environmental and social issues among their attendees.
    • Construction and management of spaces:
      • Propose an innovative waste management solution: increase in sorting flows, recovery of specific waste, reduction of food waste, alternatives to plastic and single-use materials throughout the life-cycle of the event (assembly, exploitation, restoring, dismantling), etc.
      • Give waste a second life through solutions for layout, scenery, or decoration resulting from recycled or reused products.
      • Suggest ecological materials with a low environmental impact for constructing spaces, landscape design, signs, prizes and badges at Viva Technology.
      • Redefine more ecological furniture: optimized lighting solutions, incentive floor markings, greener spaces, street art, carbon capture, etc.
    • Reduce their carbon footprint and engage their community:
      • Optimize energy consumption: reduce water and energy consumption, change their energy mix, use non-polluting transportation, use new energy sources, etc.
      • Offer alternatives and sustainable choices for food sources: organic, local, seasonal, vegan, transparent, sustainable trade based on production methods that respect the environment and decent working conditions ; with clear information for the consumer.
      • Engage, educate and include their community in their CSR approach: collaboration, accessibility, physical and digital inclusion, etc.
Why Participate?
  • 6 Finalists
    • 2 Startup passes for each of the finalists
    • Meet some of the top VivaTech corporate partners during the final
  • 2 Winners
    • For the winner of each contest:
      • 1 Startup Corner at VivaTech
      • 4 Startup Passes
      • a one-to-one meeting with the PublicisLive (Paris) team in order to discuss a potential collaboration
      • A visibility plan on the VivaTech channels


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