Smart City Connections – A Global Initiative for Individuals and Groups


Deadline: 15-Dec-21

The Goethe-Institut is opening call for Smart City Connections, a global invite to all public enthusiasts from all walks of life, backgrounds and practices, to (re)imagine the smart city as a cultural system.

It seeks to harness vernacular creativity to inspire new possibilities and negotiations of the urban environments in which they live. They want to hear about the future city you want to live in. Join in this conversation to co-create the vision of the future smart city.

Thematic Questions

Respond to one or more of the following the questions:

  • What is the role of culture in the future smart city?
  • How will smart urbanism affect the arts, culture and creativity?
  • How can smart urbanism empower local communities?
  • What are the consequences of smart urbanism on culture, creativity and community?
  • What’s missing when they typically talk about the future smart city?
  • How are they able to move towards a more inclusive and participatory vision of the future smart city?
Funding Information
  • Grand Prize – SGD $1000.00
  • 2 Runner-Up – SGD $500.00 each
  • Special Mentions – Amount to be disclosed upon announcement
Eligibility Criteria
  • This opportunity is open globally. Submissions are welcome from individuals and groups. No prior experience or track record is required.
Submission Criteria
  • Different creative approaches are welcome. They welcome a diverse range of unique insights, unusual perspectives and unexpected contributions. Entries can be in a format of the participant’s choice, and may be in the form of, but not limited to:
    • Short text
    • Digital / interactive art
    • Video / audio documentation
    • Graphic designs
    • Photography and moving images
    • Performances
    • Sound art
    • Transmedia storytelling
    • Literary works from poems to short fiction
    • Thought pieces / short essays / critical responses
  • Entries can be submitted in any of these file formats:
    • pdf , word doc, ppt
    • Video in mp4 , vimeo, YouTube link
    • Audio (music, podcast, sound experience) in mp3 , vimeo, Youtube, psa , audio file
    • Images in jpeg , eps , ai , or gif format
  • Interested participants are to submit the following docments via email:
    • 100-word bibliography
    • Portolio (if applicable)
    • Entries

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