ICATCH Application 2022-2025 Grant Cycle


Deadline: 10-Dec-21

Proposals are now open for International Community Access to Child Health (ICATCH) 2022 – 2025 Grant Cycle that are designed for pediatricians and other health workers in low- and lower-middle income countries who need financial and advisory support to plan and implement a project or program that:

  • provides clinical care to children or adolescents,
  • provides health education for children, adolescents or parents, or
  • provides training for health care providers.
Focus Areas

For this grant cycle, they are accepting proposals in the follow areas:

  • Physical or Developmental Disabilities in Children Includes developmental delay, early childhood development, or physical disabilities which are congenital or acquired (e.g., blindness, deafness, cerebral palsy, impairment following conditions such as cerebral malaria, head trauma or seizure disorder, etc.) NOTE: They will not fund proposals that only carry out screening for disabilities; projects that include screening must also include treatment or therapy for the disability.
  • Childhood or Adolescent Mental Health (preschool to age 21 years)
  • Newborn Health (projects must focus on the newborn period; can follow infants up to 6 months of age) NOTE: They will not fund proposals in this area that target only pregnant women or infants older than 6 months of age.
  • Nutrition/Malnutrition (for infants 6 months and older through age 21 years). This can include both community and hospital-based programs.
  • Care of Hospitalized Children (infants to age 21 years).
Funding Information

Amount: $2000 per year for 3 years, total $6000

Eligibility Criteria
  • Preliminary Applications are accepted from pediatricians, other medical doctors, surgeons, nurses, midwives, health workers, social workers, dentists, physical therapists, or anyone who provides health care or health education for children and youth such as teachers or community health workers.
  • They will accept only one Preliminary Application per nongovernmental organization (NGO) or community group. They may accept more than one application from academic institutions and hospitals if the projects are different and are submitted by different persons.
  • Projects must be carried out in a low- or low-middle-income country
  • ICATCH funding cannot be used for research projects. However, quality improvement (QI) projects may be acceptable use of ICATCH funds.
  • A Project Director and a Project Co-Director must be listed on the proposal. The Project Director must live and work in or near the community where the services/training will be offered. The Project Co-Director may live elsewhere. Both are responsible for the direction and completion of the project.
  • They discourage one-time trainings; if you are considering one-time trainings for health workers at different sites, consider instead training at fewer sites, or even just one site, with repeated follow-up reinforcement trainings with assessments of effectiveness.

For more information, visit https://grants.aap.org/prog/icatch_application_2022-2025_grant_cycle/