Global Communications Partner for Safe and Sound City Program (S²City)


Deadline: 10-Dec-21

The Global Communications Partner for Safe and Sound City Program (S²City) is an initiative proudly led by Global Infrastructure Basel Foundation (GIB) hosted by Swiss Philanthropy Foundation, and with the support of Fondation Botnar. This global program aims to improve safety and wellbeing of young people in urban environments in secondary cities in the Global South.

What makes this program unique is that they are tackling urban safety and security issues with and for young people (around 15-24 years old). They are considered the partners, collaborators, decision-makers and visionaries – leading and directing the program as primary stakeholders. Together with other stakeholders (youth organizations, public sector, private sector, NGOs, academia, others), young people pave the way to improving their personal, societal and environmental drivers of wellbeing; essentially, making their cities safer.

In other words: S²City seeks to foster systems change through youth engagement. Young people will be engaged in various ways and at various points throughout the program, including in communications on a global level, delivering and producing inputs, content and insights as necessary and possible, together with the Global Communications Partner.

The program started its pilot phase on 22 June 2021. At this stage, the program aims to engage with a number of actors (young people, youth organizations, public sector, private sector, NGOs, academia, others) in at least two secondary cities. For the activities of Year 1, they will focus on Envigado, Colombia and Bandung, Indonesia, with the aim to scale up the intervention to other cities in the coming years.

Your engagement will consist of two parts:

  • a start-up communications set of activities to take place during project phase 1 (year 1); and
  • a long-term communications set of activities for developing and communicating content on the findings and outcomes, to help trigger system change as a main objective of the program.

S2City is a new program, and they are looking for a long-term communications partner who is willing to collaborate with the various stakeholders and become part of the program global team. Contracting will take place as follows: the first contract will last until the end of June 2022, after which, if all involved parties are satisfied, it could be renewed for the second program phase. The program’s first phase of implementation is expected to run until June 2024.

  • The contractual partnership involves online coordination with GIB (and program advisors when necessary), according to a jointly set workplan, to develop and implement the global program communication. This will include holding calls, answering e-mails and attending online meetings.
  • The partner will work remotely and receive online support from GIB, including to facilitate coordination with relevant partners and advisors, and the review of at least two drafts leading up to the final deliverables. The consultant will also rely on a number of program documents developed by GIB.
Eligibility Criteria

GIB is seeking a communications organization experienced in translating complex results into accessible content for a variety of audiences (particularly young people). This also entails capturing local insights and results and contextualizing them in the global context – and vice versa. Knowledge and experience in youth engagement, urban planning, safety issues and systems thinking are desirable.

GIB seek to collaborate with a partner who is:

  • Clear on their ‘WHY’ – strong positioning on sustainability (in line with GIB’s mission) and youth empowerment is desired;
  • A communication super-star with innovative/fun ideas and the necessary competencies to convey program results, updates, etc. appropriately to a variety of audiences, including but not limited to young people, youth organizations, public sector, private sector, donors, NGOs, academia, and others;
  • Experienced in working with not-for-profit organizations, on development/mission oriented projects; communicating for impact;
  • As enthusiastic as them about this program and its impact;
  • More creative than themin communication and able to bring this program to life on multiple communications levels and platforms;
  • Willing and experienced to collaborate with a multi-partner program;
  • Sensitive to and aware of current political debates, gender and racial inequalities, cultural differences, and other complex topics;
  • Fluent in English & potentially other relevant languages (e.g. Spanish and Bahasa), or with capacity to translate between these and other languages;
  • Based in a country of the Global South;
  • Efficient, flexible and cost-effective to help them use the resources and time to create maximum impact.
  • Thorough and willing to go the extra mile with them.

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