CAMON 18 comes with a wide range of features, but these 5 are the ones that have touched the hearts of mobile users, especially those who love smart phones. The TECNO CAMON 18 comes with a state-of-the-art camera called GIMBAL CAMERA which allows you to take video if clear without shake shake. For example, you are on a bodaboda or car you can record beautiful and the outcome of the video is clear and steady. This is because of the stabilize GIMBAL CAMERA feature.

Another great feature on his camera is that it can zoom 60x more. Even if something is far away you zoom in close and the image came out with good quality.

Apart from the TECNO CAMON 18 camera capabilities this phone also has great ability to store document, video, musics and photos. Unlike previous versions of CAMON, this phone comes with 256GB ROM and 8GB RAM to simplify and also increase the working efficiency of this phone.

The TECNO CAMON 18 phone also comes with the largest processor and is the first in Africa for phones using Media Tek processors. Where this phone has Media Tek Helio G96. For those who love games this phone is best for them.

You may be wondering why we haven’t mentioned the CAMON 18 battery capacity? This phone comes with a large 4750mAh battery and a fast charging capacity of 33W, where you will be able to charge your phone within 30 minutes and charge more than 64%. It also comes with a modern AMOLED display with a refresh rate of 120Hz where this display keeps the charge separate from other phone mirrors.

TECNO CAMON 18 is available at all TECNO stores throughout Tanzania. If you buy a CAMON 18 phone you get a gift of Bluetooth ear buds or TECNO T301 instantly. Also you get into the drawer to get the great gift of plane tickets all year round provided by Air Tanzania or bundle from Vodacom that include minutes to call, SMS and GB’s all year round, this is not to be missed.

 To find out more about offers and gifts when buying TECNO phones visit their social media pages: https://bit.ly/3d12Xw6