Kekere Storytellers Fund – Africa


Deadline: 26-Jul-21

Applications are now open for the Kekere Storytellers Fund to pays micro-grants to content creators, wordsmiths, performance artists, visual artists and journalists to create and publish unique and compelling content that shifts prevailing stereotypical narratives about their communities or subject.

This ANF’s way of ensuring that funding, which is limited and rarely accessed by up-and-coming storytellers, reaches everyone with a compelling story to tell.

Strategic Pillars

  • Building the ecosystem of narrative changemakers: They have started working to identify narrative changemakers on the continent e.g. producers, writers, platform owners, advocacy groups.
  • Crowding in New Narratives: They support content creators (storytellers) and media platforms through their grantmaking.
  • Disruption: They are keen to position theirselves as an African narrative watchdog – a central source for tracking, recording, sharing learnings and data around examples of harmful narratives on the continent and attempts to disrupt it.
  • Research: Their research agenda is focused on making narrative and the work they do evidence-based, salient and relevant to the African conversations.

Funding Information

Amount: $500 – $2000

Eligibility Criteria

  • Bloggers, musicians, illustrators, graphic designers, scriptwriters, vloggers, podcasters, playwrights, photographers, documentary filmmakers, choreographers, poets, journalists, authors, producers, artists and publishers based in Africa.
  • Applicants must be aged below 35 years and produce ground-breaking work and creatively challenging harmful narratives within their local and digital communities.

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