UICC Young Leaders Programme: A Chance to attend the World Cancer Leaders’ Summit (Fully-Funded)

Deadline: 23-May-21

The Union for International Cancer Control (UICC) is seeking applications from aspiring cancer control professionals with the potential to become future leaders in global cancer control. The call aims to identify up to eight emerging cancer control professionals with demonstrated impact in a local setting and with the skills and leadership potential to contribute to the global cancer control agenda in the future.

Acting as a springboard for international engagement, the programme is an opportunity for Young Leaders to acquire the necessary knowledge, networks and connections that can help them grow their impact in their area of work, whether regionally or globally.

UICC aims to reach a broad range of potential candidates from across the globe to ensure the final selection reflects a variety of backgrounds, experiences and regions. Candidates from civil society, academia, healthcare and the private sector are all welcome to apply. Candidates may be affiliated with a UICC member organisation, but this is not mandatory.

Candidates with expertise and interests in UICC’s key thematic areas of work are particularly encouraged to apply. These include breast cancer, cervical cancer elimination, Universal Health Coverage, access to essential medicines, and tobacco control.

What can Young Leaders expect from the programme:
  • Recognition and visibility within the global cancer control community by showcasing Young Leaders at UICC events and online
  • Exclusive opportunities to attend the invite-only World Cancer Leaders’ Summit & speak at the World Cancer Congress
  • Support from the UICC team to access relevant learning and connections, and to engage with a relevant UICC’s project or programme of work
What is expected of Young Leaders during the programme:
  • 12-month commitment, formally starting in conjunction with the World Cancer Leaders’ Summit in October 2021 and culminating with the 2022 World Cancer Congress
  • Active participation in UICC’s convening platforms, i.e. World Cancer Leaders’ Summit (WCLS) and World Cancer Congress (WCC), as well as World Cancer Day and Virtual Dialogues as relevant (note: participation to the WCLS and WCC is funded by UICC and is deemed in-person, unless travel restrictions apply)
  • Engagement with UICC’s communications in the form of contributions to news articles, blogposts, social media, or promotional videos, as coordinated by UICC and in alignment with Young Leader’s areas of expertise
  • Disposition to engage, interact and collaborate with fellow Young Leaders and the broader Young Leaders Alumni network
  • Availability to contribute skills, expertise and time to a UICC’s project or programme of work, aligned with their skills and interests (within respect of their day-to-day professional commitments)
  • Responsiveness to UICC’s requests related to the administration and monitoring of the programme, including provision of up-to-date contact information and completion of M&E surveys
  • Acting in good faith as a UICC ambassador, upholding the UICC’s mission, vision and values
Eligibility Criteria
To be eligible for the programme, candidates must:
  • be 40 years old or younger at the application,
  • be fluent in English, both spoken and written, for successful interaction at an international level,
  • have worked professionally in cancer control for at least 5 years.
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Habari ya wakati huu naitwa Epifania Mhagama, TGEE project manager at Helptohelp.  Naomba kura yako katika kipengele cha STEM AWARD, kunipigia kura tembelea . 

Jinsi ya kupiga kura
1. Bonyeza link hapo juu
2. Register  kwa kutumia namba ya simu au email
3. Utapewa code/ voters ID (hapo hapo)
4. Ingiza code/voters ID na password yako
5. Nenda category ya STEM AWARD chagua Epifania Mhagama( sio lazima kuvote kwa category zote ili uweze kusubmit)
6.Bonyeza submit 

Kwa nini Epifania:
-Nimefanya miradi zaidi ya 10 ya kujenga ujuzi na uwezo kwa wanawake
-Nimefikia wanawake 2582(vyuoni)
-Zaidi ya 30% wamepata ajira na fursa mbalimbali kutokana na ujuzi wa matumizi ya tekinolojia waliopata kwenye mafunzo 
-Zaidi ya 70% wamebadili mtazamo juu ya matumizi ya tekinolojia kwa wanawake 

Asante kwa kunipigia kura

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