FINISH Mondial 2nd Annual SanTech Hackathon 2021

Deadline: April 30, 2021

Applications are open for the FINISH Mondial 2nd Annual SanTech Hackathon 2021. The competition is seeking innovations on flood-proof toilet designs.

During rainy seasons, ground water tables rise. This may lead to flooding/waterlogging destructive to sanitation infrastructure. Sludge from pit latrines gets mixed with and contaminates ground and surface water (used for household consumption and agricultural activities) at great expense to public health. In addition, the following problems have been identified which make toilets expensive and unsustainable, especially for the rural poor:
  • High cost of emptying, high fill-up rate due to infiltration of the ground water to the pit causing premature need for pit emptying.
  • Substructure damage due to water level fluctuation.
  • Frequent requirement for some retrofitting/maintenance after each flood.
  • High need for toilets during flooding (when open defecation practice is not possible).
They are looking for:
  • Innovations suitable for high-water table areas (ground water table 1m below the ground) and flooded/water-logged (maximum 0.6m above the ground)
  • Improvements on existing systems or completely new ideas, created through: novel design, choice materials, new processes, and/or any other component that can be applied situation detailed above.
  • Innovations must address all components of the toilet and its functionalities: separation/used interface, collection and safe storage/treatment.
As winners you will win prize money and chance to implement your innovation on the field.
  • First prize: €3,000 + implementation of your solution in one of the FINISH Mondial countries
  • Second prize: €2,000
  • Third prize: €1,000
  • Audience favourite (live voting during virtual event): €1,000
  • You can apply as an individual or as part of the group (Research institution, academic institution, NGO, or entrepreneur).
  • Participants with technical experience on toilet construction are encouraged to apply.
Judging Criteria
Panels will select finalists and winners based on:
  • How novel is your idea? (20% of score)
  • How does your idea address the challenge? Is your idea appropriate for the high ground water table and flood-prone areas? (40% of score)
  • How technically feasible is your design, and how easy it would be to implement and scale? (20% of score)
  • How cost-effective is your idea? (20% of score)
Prepare your application with:
  • The application form.
  • Supporting materials including:
  • 2 videos (landscape format) of: 60 seconds footage of your innovation in action and 60 seconds interview style explaining how the innovation works.
  • 3 photos
  • Submit your application and supporting materials.
  • Let them know you completed the application! Follow FINISH Mondial on social media and tag them in a post with #FINISHMondial and why we need to come together to address the #floodprooftoilet.
Click here to apply
For more information, visit SanTech Hackathon.

Habari ya wakati huu naitwa Epifania Mhagama, TGEE project manager at Helptohelp.  Naomba kura yako katika kipengele cha STEM AWARD, kunipigia kura tembelea . 

Jinsi ya kupiga kura
1. Bonyeza link hapo juu
2. Register  kwa kutumia namba ya simu au email
3. Utapewa code/ voters ID (hapo hapo)
4. Ingiza code/voters ID na password yako
5. Nenda category ya STEM AWARD chagua Epifania Mhagama( sio lazima kuvote kwa category zote ili uweze kusubmit)
6.Bonyeza submit 

Kwa nini Epifania:
-Nimefanya miradi zaidi ya 10 ya kujenga ujuzi na uwezo kwa wanawake
-Nimefikia wanawake 2582(vyuoni)
-Zaidi ya 30% wamepata ajira na fursa mbalimbali kutokana na ujuzi wa matumizi ya tekinolojia waliopata kwenye mafunzo 
-Zaidi ya 70% wamebadili mtazamo juu ya matumizi ya tekinolojia kwa wanawake 

Asante kwa kunipigia kura

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