Call for Proposals: Finnish Fund for Local Cooperation – Tanzania

Deadline: 23-Apr-21

The Embassy of Finland is seeking applications for Finnish Fund for Local Cooperation to build partnerships between the civil society organizations and the Embassy of Finland and to support the organizations so that they can operate more effectively.
Fund for Local cooperation is part of Finland’s Country Strategy in Tanzania. It complements the Finnish-Tanzanian bilateral cooperation especially under the outcome area “Finland promotes good inclusive governance, human rights and gender equality“.

The Embassy of Finland’s Fund for Local Cooperation (FLC) builds on the view that sustainable development cannot be achieved without an active civil society. In Tanzania, civil society organizations are needed both for their advocacy work as well as service delivery. The FLC aims

The 2021 call is looking for project proposals, which aim at supporting:
Youth economic empowerment, especially young women
Land ownership, use and inheritance rights, as a tool for empowering women, young adults and pastoralists
The rights of people with disabilities

Funding Information
The maximum funding for project support per organization is 80 000 euros for the period of two years.

Eligibility Criteria
Any organization/project selected for funding has to meet the following criteria and present the information in the proposal document:
  • be ODA eligible
  • be a Tanzanian non-governmental organization
  • be registered and legally competent
  • have been operational for a minimum of three years
  • have at least 10% of funding from at least one other source (in kind contribution are not accounted)
  • have a functional board of directors
  • be a non-partisan organization
  • demonstrate past success in work on youth empowerment, especially young women , land
  • rights for rural women and indigenous people, the rights of people with disabilities
  • have a long term strategy, a solid financial management system including regular financial
  • audits, and a reliable monitoring, evaluation and reporting system, including capability to report in English
  • have a sufficient infrastructure and human resources in Tanzania
  • demonstrate experience of working with an international donor
For more information, visit

Habari ya wakati huu naitwa Epifania Mhagama, TGEE project manager at Helptohelp.  Naomba kura yako katika kipengele cha STEM AWARD, kunipigia kura tembelea . 

Jinsi ya kupiga kura
1. Bonyeza link hapo juu
2. Register  kwa kutumia namba ya simu au email
3. Utapewa code/ voters ID (hapo hapo)
4. Ingiza code/voters ID na password yako
5. Nenda category ya STEM AWARD chagua Epifania Mhagama( sio lazima kuvote kwa category zote ili uweze kusubmit)
6.Bonyeza submit 

Kwa nini Epifania:
-Nimefanya miradi zaidi ya 10 ya kujenga ujuzi na uwezo kwa wanawake
-Nimefikia wanawake 2582(vyuoni)
-Zaidi ya 30% wamepata ajira na fursa mbalimbali kutokana na ujuzi wa matumizi ya tekinolojia waliopata kwenye mafunzo 
-Zaidi ya 70% wamebadili mtazamo juu ya matumizi ya tekinolojia kwa wanawake 

Asante kwa kunipigia kura

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