Apply Now for The 30 Most Inspiring Digital Innovations 2020

Deadline: 10-Jul-20

The Spindle has launched a call for applications for the 30 Most Inspiring Digital Innovations of 2020.
This year the Spindle, the innovation platform of Partos, provides the opportunity for 100 inspiring digital innovations in the field of development cooperation to be listed on both the Spindle and Partos website, known for its wide reach amongst Dutch NGOs.

From these 100 innovations, a group of digital experts from, for example, Kenya, Uganda and Bangladesh will select the 30 Most Inspiring Digital Innovations (MIDIs). These 30 MIDIs will win a professional pitch video created by video maker and the opportunity to participate in a digital co-creation session to tackle a specific challenge in their road to success.

They welcome innovative applications from all over the world and from all types of actors and organisations who are working towards a sustainable, just and inclusive world.

The Spindle is looking for
If you or your organisation has a recently developed digital product or service, which contributes to an inclusive, just, collaborative and a sustainable world, you are ready to join! Have you recently developed a tool, platform or application on for example artificial intelligence or blockchain? Did you develop a new way of working, using digital technologies? Then you might have one of the 30 Most Inspiring Digital Innovations in your hands. Dare to share!
  • You have a digital innovation that is built and invented in an African, Latin-American or Asian country.
  • Your digital innovation contributes to closer cooperation between organisations working on the 17 Sustainable Development Goals.
  • Your digital innovation contributes to the inclusion of marginalised groups.
  • Your digital innovation is set up more than six months ago but is not yet over two years old at the time of submission.
  • Your digital innovation finds itself in a phase somewhere between ‘tested concept’ and ‘early upscaling’. Meaning, it cannot be large scaled-up projects.
  • The submission should contain a clear explanation of how the project contributes to one or more of the themes of the Spindle.
  • You or another representative of your project is available to record a video and to join the online digital co-creation session on September 15th and on October 9th during the (online) Partos Innovation Festival 2020.
  • You have access to a good internet connection which ensures your participation during above-mentioned sessions.
Focus Areas
  • In selecting the 30 Most Inspiring Digital Innovations, the expert group focuses on the following elements:
  • Thematic focus: The digital innovation contributes to the achievement of the SDGs and creates impact for one or more of The Spindle themes.
  • Recent: The digital innovation was introduced no longer than two years ago.
  • Other focus points will follow soon: The expert group will work together and co-create other criteria they’ll focus on.
What’s to Win?
  • If you are selected as one of the 30 Most Inspiring Digital Innovations you’ll have the opportunity to:
  • Record a pitch video with a professional film-maker. This nicely styled pitch video is for you to use in your marketing activities and visibility for future clients. The videos will also be shared on both The Spindle’s and Partos’ online channels and reach our wide network to an international public.
  • Participate in an online co-creation session (September 15) in which you’ll tackle a particular challenge in your road to success. In an energetic, good facilitated process you’ll work together with the other 29 MIDIs on each other’s challenges and find solutions created by peer digital innovators.
  • To present your digital innovation and new solution during the last day of the Partos Innovation Festival (October 9) to a crowd of NGOs, government, and other interested (private) actors.
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