Ron Moelis Social Entrepreneurship Fellowship 2020 for Undergraduate Students

Deadline: February 28, 2020

Applications are open for the Ron Moelis Social Entrepreneurship Fellowship 2020. Fierce advocates for justice make a difference in every sector of the city. The Ron Moelis Social Innovation Fellowship Program connects the best students of social justice with the most socially-responsible and innovative companies in New York City, like Kickstarter, Warby Parker, and Etsy. Together, fellows and partners learn from each other how to make the city thrive with a purpose.

Social innovation is about solving difficult societal problems in creative ways. From environmental decay to urban poverty to structural racism to gender bias, social innovation offers a way to re-think solutions to some of the most vexing problems facing many communities. Because social innovation requires creative ways to think about difficult problems, the novel and diverse perspectives offered by John Jay students make them ideal social innovators.

Socially innovative problem-solving requires a firm understanding of ethical principles, an open mind to new ideas, and critical thinking skills. It also draws on aspects of social entrepreneurship, impact investing, and socially-responsible business practice. Social innovation is a way of critically thinking about changing the world for the better and then fiercely advocating for that change.

With the generous support of Ron Moelis, the program supports cohorts of fellows as they move through a interdisciplinary learning experience focused on social innovation. Rather than a conventional internship, the program combines an intense classroom-based experience, an experiential component based at partner organizations and companies, and a series of reflective workshops with social innovation experts, industry leaders, and scholars.

Fellowship Details

  • In order to meet the learning objectives of the fellowship, following admission to the program in the spring semester, fellows complete an on-campus course (3-credits) with a series of experiential projects linked to partner organizations and companies and receive a financial stipend (in recognition of the extraordinary commitment of effort required by the program beyond a typical course).
  • During the fall semester, the hybrid-course meets once a week (day to be determined) for a minimum of 2.5 hours through a combination of on-campus, off-campus time spent with the partner organizations, and online collaboration.
  • In recognition of the high qualifications of the fellows and the high requirements of their time and efforts, a generous $3,000 stipend is awarded to each student who completes the fellowship. In addition, textbooks are provided to fellows free of charge.
  • All undergraduate students, regardless of major, are eligible to apply for the fellowship:
  • If they meet the 3.25 minimum GPA requirement;
  • If they will be enrolled as undergraduate students at John Jay College in the fall of 2020.
In order to complete the application, before February 28, 2020, you must:
  • Upload a copy of your resume
  • Upload a copy of your unofficial transcript
  • Complete the application by preparing a 750 word essay describing your interest in social innovation and providing an example of a critical social problem you’ve encountered either professionally or in your community in which you used creative thinking and problem solving to resolve.
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For more information, visit Ron Moelis Social Entrepreneurship Fellowship.

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